Ifus’ Terms of Service 2018

By agreeing to this TOS on your commission form you understand and comply to everything listed below. Read this TOS carefully before commissioning me.

-Once payment is received, you cannot back out of the commission. By paying me you are committing to going through with the commission process and paying for my time. Whether the outcome of the commission is received positively or not, your payment is spent once the piece is done because of the time and skill spent that go into the custom order you have purchased.


-Payments will be accepted in USD only! No exceptions. PayPal will easily do an exchange. You can also Google how much your payment will be in USD ahead of time.  


-All commission orders except for icons, badges, sketches without color and telegram stickers that come in a pack less than 5 come with up to (2) free sketch approvals. Any changes beyond that will come with an extra fee. Make sure you list all changes at once, adding on changes to notes after they are sent will take up your sketch approvals since it would be more complex to do things this way. You must request a sketch approval along with paying +$10 USD (cost for the time spent waiting for replies and edits) to get an approval phase for items that do not include sketch approvals. You will NOT receive a sketch approval for these particular items if you do not ask for it. You have 2 weeks (14  days) to approve your sketch. If you do not reply within this time-frame I will go ahead and complete your commission and your commission will be treated as a “wing-it” type piece.This includes pieces that have had the sketch phase paid for and the fee will be put towards time I have waited for your response.


-Once approved to go ahead I cannot go back and change anything after this. Be aware of this and carefully look over your sketch before approving. *When the piece is complete only piercings and color/marking changes qualify for changes.


-All commissions that are to be private MUST be written as such in the commission forms or it will have a risk of being posted. I cannot remember things as well in follow up notes. I am not to be held responsible for posting a commission if you do not write specifically on the form that it is to be private or your art is to be kept anonymous.


-All commission details must be put into the forms during the form response. I cannot keep track of follow up notes and last minute details. Once the form is received you cannot change your idea, this gets confusing and can risk the piece comes out in a less satisfactory result for the customer.


-I reserve the right to reuse all completed commissions for promotional material, art collections in books, portfolios that include the original PSD for educational purposes, and resell copies such as prints, hi res pngs and other merchandise material. I will also sell for auction copies of these pieces in art shows in conventions. I am not selling the rights to your piece or characters I will be selling copies of the image. If you DO NOT want your piece to be included in any resale or promotional material, you MUST say so on your commission form under the appropriate field.


-You are allowed to edit your pieces post completion and request the PSD file along with your .png high res file that comes with your commission. You MUST write that you have edited the piece and link to the original in your posting.


-Once the art piece is completed, you are given 2 weeks to respond with the small changes you can qualify for* (see above).


-I reserve the right to blacklist or ignore any people I do not feel comfortable with working with. I also reserve the right to reject your commission idea if it makes me feel uncomfortable as well. If you are difficult to work with during the process or have a lack of respect, I will also blacklist you personally.


-I am allowed to take as much time as I need to complete your commission. I promise to complete your commission and do my best to work on my work days that are non-holiday and that are not my specific days off. I will be taking 1-2 days off a week from work and in this time I will not respond to emails or commission questions, I will respond as soon as I can on my next available work day. I do not promise any deadline unless stated otherwise. Commissions will usually not take longer than 1 month’s time (at longest) to complete, but life can happen sometimes and in these types of times I will need patience and understanding. If you are pushy on your wait time, I will be hesitant to work with you in the future. In agreeing to this terms of service, you accept and are aware that in times of personal crisis you may have to wait 7-8 months on a commission. This is a very rare occurrence, and may not happen, but in case it does it is included here.


-I will not agree to any commissioner contracts. You must follow my rules and process in order to commission me.


-Commissioners will receive a completed hi res file and a file for posting when their commission is completed. The commission will be sent to the email you have put in your form. You must check the spelling of your email and mark ifuscommissions@gmail.com as a safe email so it doesn’t end up in trash or spam.


-If you commission me at a convention and do not follow up with any form of contact or references for me to draw from within (1)  year, your commission will expire and I will not be able to offer any refund or artwork. I will try my best to contact you multiple times with whatever info you have given me and try to search for you before this is made final.


-You are not allowed to resell the artwork I make for you unless stated otherwise.


-Things I will not draw:


-Hate artwork, anything involving nazis, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.

-Hard vore/digestion (I’ve drawn it before, and I’m not really a fan of it so I’m gonna say no from now on)

-Non- horror/zombie/halloween themed gore/Stomping/Crushing artwork. I’ll draw it if its like proper Halloween/horror themed stuff but if its just too gross I’ll decline, sorry!

-Anal vore (I’ll see how I feel about unbirthing and cock vore, I may change my mind though)

-Anything involving urination or scat.

-Anything involving blood coming from genitals or the anus.

-Anything involving vomit.

-Anything involving underage characters in NSFW/suggestive content.

-Anything involving straight up rape (unwilling is a very grey area, so discuss this with me to make sure)