Updated Feburary 2020

Prices may vary by complexity and detail.

All prices USD.


$80 each

Each icon is 2000x2000 pixels and includes one additional copy in a custom resolution.


Headshot: $90
Waist-Up: $140
Fullbody: $200

All traditional badges will be mailed.

Digital badges can be mailed or you can print and laminate them yourself.


Each printed badge comes laminated with a clip.

Shipping within US: $5.00

Shipping outside of US: $14.00Shipping international: $14.00



Headshot: $50.00
Waist-Up: $80.00
Chibi: $50.00
Fullbody: $100.00

All prices listed are per character!
I will add around more for details like wings, armor, if the character is a taur or has extra limbs, complex markings or outfits. I will add a micro onto non-headshot commissions for $40. (pieces that are a micro on food or objects where the focus is the micro are not included, the fullbody price must be paid in that situation.)

All pieces will have sketchy, loose linework, flatcolors, some shading and highlights like shown. These do not come with backgrounds, props limited

and may add to the cost.





Stickers are priced by style-

Shoulder-Up: 35 each

Waist-Up: 45 each

Full-Body: 60 each

Chibi: 50 each

Each sticker comes in 2 sizes, 2000 px and 512 px for uploading to the telegram app.

Prices may vary by difficulty and detail.


$200 per character

+$150 for a background

Prices may vary by difficulty and detail.

Each piece is 11x14 inches at 300 dpi


Headshot +$40 USD

Fullbody pose +$80 USD

Accesory +$30 USD 

Each reference sheet comes with a NSFW

version, additional versions cost extra. Info and details are optional as well. 


$400+ per full color page
$300+ per flatcolor page
$250+ per inked and shaded page
$200+ per inked page
$150+ per sketched page



Each sketch "frame" or part starts at $75 USD and can vary based on complexity and detail.

These examples both have 4-6 or so for comparison.

Each page can have up to 6 frames max.

Updated February 2020

Prices may vary by complexity and detail.

All prices USD.