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Pricing Guide 2023


2000x2000 px 300dpi character portrait
comes with 500x500 and 100x100 px sizes. Custom sizes available upon request.

$175 for one, +$150 per additional character, +$25 for background


Flatcolored stickers, you receive 1000px and the 512 px file

$70 per sticker that is a headshot/shoulders up
$90 for waist up
$120 for a fullbody sticker

All prices are per sticker, per character, and a base price. Prices vary based on the complexity of the commission.


Headshot: $200
Waist-Up: $300
Fullbody: $400

Printed and shipped: +$5 for US, +$15 for outside of US

If shipped, you get to choose a free lanyard here!


All prices listed below are per character and are base prices. Complex characters, outfits and accessories will be extra. 

$100 (80 for flats, 40 for sketch only, add $20 for shading)

$200 (160 for flats, 100 for sketch only, add $40 for shading)

$300 (220 for flats, 150 for sketch only, add $80 for shading)


Prices start at:
$150-200 Per headshot/portrait
$250-300 Per waist up/half body
$400 Per Fullbody Character
+$400 for a detailed background

Smaller micro characters will cost less if they are not mainly featured. (Take up less than 20% of the space)
Complex characters and settings will increase the price as well as additional characters, large accessories, and objects.